Supernatural Patience

If nothing else good comes of the Covid crisis, perhaps it will be a bit slower pace wherein we learn to be more patient with one another. We live in a breakneck, fast paced world, or at least we did until a few months ago. And while things have certainly slowed down for many of us, I suspect the pace will change at some point in the not too distant future.

The intervening period will likely be measure in months rather than days, but doubtful that it will be measured in years, in my opinion. Society won’t tolerate it long-term. At some point, the masses will lose patience and rebel against such onerous circumstances. It’s already happening in certain places across our land and around the world.

Persevering trough tough times is usually a revered quality. A basic character trait often referred to as a virtue. Like me, I’m almost certain you have heard someone say recently; “Just buckle up, put your big boy/girl pants on and deal with it.” No one likes a whiner, especially when everyone is suffering to some extent.

But some of you have demonstrated exceptional resilience during these trying times. And it’s my guess that more than one of you have been referred to by others as having the patience of Job at some point this year.

Is that the kind of patience that Paul was talking about when he wrote the letter to the church in Galatia? Is that the type of patience counted among the fruit of the Spirit? It’s laudable certainly, but is that what Paul is talking about in terms of Supernatural Patience?

The answer to that question may surprise you. We all think we know the definition of patience, right? Well, do we? Does God define patience the same way that we do? Is the patience of Job the patience of God? Is that what we are to model for the world to see? Surely you’re not expecting me to answer that question now are you…oh ye of little patience.

I hope you can join us tomorrow for our continuing study on the Fruit of the Spirit. We’re almost halfway through the basket and the fruit has been spectacular so far, as long as it has been freshly picked from the vine!

If you cannot be with us in person, feel free to download the Bible study materials for your personal use by following one of these links: PowerPoint SlidesPDF File. You can also find the video of this session on our YouTube channel soon after the meeting concludes. And lastly, you can follow this link to download other studies in this series: Supernatural Fruit if you happen to miss one of our prior studies.

I pray that the Lord will bless you and keep you safe, now, and always.

Yours in Christ,

Eric Glover
The Gospels Class
Brentwood Baptist Church

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