The God Who Speaks

The God Who Speaks - Doubtless Living

Without God choosing to reveal Himself to us, we would be like Helen Keller – deaf and blind to the reality of the world we live in. With out God’s revelation, we would be unaware of His expectations for us and of His provision for salvation. In this series, we will examine the ways God reveals Himself.

Session   1: The God Who Speaks
Session   2: God Is Not Hiding (No Download)
Session   3: God Is Not Mute
Session   4: In God We Trust
Session   5: God’s Law for Life (No Download)
Session   6: Numb to the Word
Session   7: Jesus: The Faithful Son Who Obeys God’s Word
Session   8: Jesus: The Faithful Teacher Who Explains and Fulfills God’s Word
Session   9: Jesus: The Faithful Servant Who Submits to God’s Word
Session 10: Trusting the God Who Speaks
Session 11: Submitting to the God Who Speaks
Session 12: Understanding How God Speaks
ession 13: Listening Together to the Voice of God

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