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Most of us have probably heard a sermon or Bible study in which the characteristics of sheep were enumerated: they are dumb, helpless, defenseless, and trusting, they can’t feed themselves, and they must be led to water so they can drink.  How many of these characteristics are appealing to you?

Many of you may wish Jesus had described Himself as responsible for something a little more intimidating than sheep because it threatens our self-esteem and self-confidence to think of ourselves as sheep.  We want to be seen as strong, independent, and self-sufficient.  But the problem is, we are not.  Jesus didn’t describe Himself as a lion tamer, or an alligator wrestler, or a snake charmer.  He called Himself a Shepherd.  And no matter how much that goes against our feelings of self-sufficiency, that’s really the point.

Today, in this last session of the five part series on the names of God, we are going to learn what makes Jesus the Good Shepherd, and find out whether or not we are good sheep.

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