The Grand Unveiling in Heaven

The Grand Unveiling in Heaven

As most of you know, Tina and I have been building a lake home for more than a year now.  And while we moved in the last couple of weeks, the home is still not quite finished.  We are still missing built-in bunk beds in the “Boys Room,” and cabinets in my office/study.  We’re anxious to have things fully settled so we can welcome family and friends and enjoy the new space.  “Two more weeks,” says the builder.  I’m not holding my breath…

Building a new home involves a lot of work and requires great attention to detail, as many of you know from personal experience.  From the original design through final construction and hand over there are a million decisions to be made.  It is fun to watch things come together; well, most of the time it is.

Tina is a very talented, self-taught interior designer and I love watching her vision come to life.  But I can’t count the number of hours of “designer” TV shows we’ve watched over the last two years as she crafted it.  She would take one idea from one show and marry it with another one from another show, changes colors, change styles, change fixtures, change hardware, and voila the end result has been stunning to see.

Our Father has been building a place for us for more than two millennia now, can you imagine what it will be like?  Can you fathom how awesome it will be when that unveiling finally happens?  The New Earth, as God originally intended for it to be, but even grandeur.  We’ve talked a great deal about the New Earth the past several weeks, but do you know that the New Heaven and the New Earth will not be the only Big Reveal when we get to Heaven?  As fabulous as they will be, they pale by comparison to the Grand Unveiling that we will behold.

Just what am I talking about?  Join us tomorrow and find out.  If you’re not already excited about Heaven, you will be after our discussion tomorrow.  For as hard as it is to imagine, something awaits us in Heaven that is beyond anything the eye has ever seen or the mind imagined.

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May God bless you and your study, as you seek to know Him better through the study of His Word.

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