Ransom For All

Often in life I find myself needing a pattern or wishing for a model of something I am trying to do or accomplish. Maybe I am the only one like that, but I learn best by example and absent a suitable example I usually resort to trial and error.  And if I am being totally candid, there are usually several iterations of trial and error before success is achieved.

Sometimes a benevolent mentor has had to step in and show me how to do it or I would never have figured things out. That does not happen too often but when it does, I am always humbled by and appreciative of their help. I guess we all do need a little help from our friends, sometimes.

In our focal passage from Luke’s gospel this week, we get an object lesson, and we are given a pattern to follow. You may or may not have seen it before because of the gravity of the scene. But it is there, nonetheless. We are often transfixed by the events that unfolded on that Good Friday, as well we should be when it comes to matters as serious and impactful as the crucifixion. But let us not lose sight of the powerful lessons we can learn from our Savior while He endured the direst circumstances we could imagine.

On the journey to the cross, and while enduring its suffering, Jesus epitomized mercy, grace, and forgiveness in ways we sometimes overlook. He had spoken about all these things before, but now he showed us how to do it. He gave us a pattern for life. He demonstrated for us a workable model for repetitive use. Simply put, He walked-the-talk all the way to the end, at a time when others would have given up and given in. But not Jesus, He was always in total control of the situation.

Come, just us in the shadow of the cross this week. As we fix our eyes on the author and finisher of our faith. Let us see what He had to teach us on the road to Golgotha and on that cursed tree. He paid our ransom no doubt, but in so doing He also gave us a model for life. A model that changed hearts and minds all the way to the finish line.

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Blessings to you all, in Christ!