He Has Risen! (Luke 23:50-24:12)

Have you ever lost something of great value? Something that was priceless to you, something that was irreplaceable. You searched high and low for it, to no avail. Finally, after exhausting every possibility you gave up hope and wrote it off as a loss. Do you remember how that felt, the heaviness that came over you when you realized that you would never get it back.

Now imagine for a moment, that you found it, suddenly and unexpectedly. How would that make you feel? Would you jump for joy? Would you shout ecstatically for all to hear? What was lost, has been found! Awesome!

If that has happened to you then you probably recall sharing the good news with all of your close family and friends, in fact you probably told anyone and everyone who would listen. I found it; you exclaimed!

My guess is that your words were coming out of your mouth with such pace that your listeners strained to keep up. They may have even found your speech to be unintelligible at times. Perhaps they would have even said you speaking gibberish, as the effusive joy overtook you. Your excitement simply could not be contained, and your joy was indescribable. No matter how you told it, your story left heads spinning all around because they struggled to understand it.

If you can relate to that situation then have some idea of how a few devoted women of Galilee felt one Sunday morning a little over 2,000 years ago. They were about to perform an unpleasant task, after having lost something of immeasurable value to them, and then something totally unexpected happened. Angels showed up and their whole world changed in an instant. How did they react? What was it that got them so excited? Join us for our study tomorrow and find out!

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Blessings to you all, in Christ!