Don’t Give Up!

I don’t know about you, but I was born tenacious. Truly, I can’t help it, it’s in my blood. Some may call it stubbornness, but I’m just not wired to give up. Yes, I can be obstinate at times, but only when I’m firm in my resolve. Okay, I’ve exhausted all the synonyms, so you probably get my point. “Failure is not an option,” to quote a line from one of my favorite movies. And If you knew my parents and grandparents, you would understand why I’m wire that way. But the best part, is seeing that same level of dogged determination and intestinal fortitude in my grandchildren!

Okay, I really do have to stop with the wordplay now because this is an important topic in life. Take a peek at the drawing above and tell me what you see. This drawing was created to teach preschoolers an important life lesson.  Can you guess what it is? Although the context was very different, Churchill said it very well; “never surrender!” Never give up, never give in, keep pressing forward and eventually you will win. Persistence pays off!

In our study this week, we find Jesus teaching His disciples again with a familiar form. A parable about what the world might call a feeble and helpless widow. But as we learn from Jesus, she has much to teach His disciples. But it is extremely important that we understand the parable in context if we are to properly interpret and apply it. Too often, as is the case with other passages from Luke’s gospel, this parable is taken out of context and the point of Jesus’ teaching is missed entirely. We will do our best to avoid falling into that same trap with our study this week. I would expect that many of you have never heard the parable taught or preached in its true context.

So, I hope you can join us this week as we explore Luke 18:1-8. A parable about a tenacious, stubborn, obstinate, resolute woman who never gives up. Oops, there I go again with the synonyms. So, I better stop and just say, I hope you will join us, I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

For those unable to join us in person, please feel free to download the Bible study materials for your personal use by following one of these links: PowerPoint Slides, PDF File. Also, you can download files for previous weekly studies by visiting the following page on my blog: Doubtless Living: The Gospel of Luke.

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