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Seeing or Recognizing?

The celebration of Easter has, for many people, become much more of a secular celebration of candy, bunnies, and fancy dresses than a holy observance and remembrance of what Jesus has done for us. The way we view Easter is truly a matter of perspective—are we seeing it as one thing or are we recognizing the true significance of the day.

To illustrate this point, think back to the first time you saw a QR code. Even though they seem to be everywhere now, the first time you saw one you might have been intrigued, confused, threatened, or left out because you didn’t have a smart phone. Now, you’re a lot more used to them. And while you “see” a random pattern of black lines on a white background, you probably “recognize” that it points to something else.

The same is true with the celebration of Easter.  Recognizing the true significance of Easter is more than just seeing the symbols of Easter—the cross, the empty tomb, or for that matter even encountering the resurrected Jesus as Mary Magdalene did early on that first Easter Sunday morning. The true significance of Easter is not about the symbols but rather the event to which they point. Easter is about recognizing that Jesus was crucified, died, and was buried in a sealed tomb and then arose from the dead on the third day victorious over the sin, death and the grave.  Easter is about realizing that Jesus did all of that for us, that we might be reconciled to God through Him!

Hallelujah, praise the Lord, Jesus Christ is risen!  And because of His resurrection, we are able to recognize our own sinfulness, understand our need for a Savior, and have the opportunity to be forgiven of our sin and brought into a right relationship with God through a personal relationship with Him. It’s more than just seeing the signs of Easter; it’s about recognizing the significance of Easter.  When we recognize Jesus as Savior and Lord, everything changes.

To learn more just follow one of the links below which will take you to an in-depth study of John’s account of what happened on the first Easter morning.

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