The Passion Prediction (Luke 18:31-34)

Oh, a wise guy, eh! Doink, smack. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! 

Okay, tell me you didn’t just smile a bit when you read that. The Three Stooges made a career out of stupid slapstick humor. Moe the smart one always suffering the stupidity of Larry and Curly. How many times did you hear Curly say; “Oh, I get it!” in that high pitch twang. But you knew he really didn’t.  No wonder Moe’s patience was exhausted, multiple times, on every episode.

Well, you could hardly blame Jesus if he had poked a few eyeballs and smacked a few foreheads. How many times did he have to tell His followers the same thing over-and-over again? Only to see that same blank stare looking back at Him or hear them weakly say; “Oh, we get it,” when He knew full well that they didn’t comprehend what He was trying to tell them. Be careful mocking Moe, Larry and Curly, for they are we, too often.

In our focal passage this week, Jesus delves into a deep topic with the Twelve. One that he has talked to them about many times before. But still they struggle to comprehend what it is that He is saying. Not because His words are unintelligible, but because they can’t seem to put the pieces of the puzzle together in their mind in a way that makes sense. They hear Him, but they don’t understand Him.

Nevertheless, He carries on with the plan, executing it flawlessly in full confidence that someday they will fully understand and when they do it will be special. In fact, it will be far more than special, it will be transformational.

I hope you can join us for the study this week. We are entering the homestretch on the journey to Jerusalem and the dialogue with the disciples is becoming more and more significant. The realization may be lagging a bit, but the proclamation isn’t. Jesus shares nine predictions with the Twelve in our focal passage this week; come find out what they are and how they are received. I look forward to seeing you!

For those unable to join us in person, please feel free to download the Bible study materials for your personal use by following one of these links: PowerPoint Slides, PDF File. Also, you can download files for previous weekly studies by visiting the following page on my blog: Doubtless Living: The Gospel of Luke.