The Kingdom: Already, Not Yet (Luke 17:11-37)

I wish I could say that I have never heard those two words uttered about me before, but I would be lying if I did. Sometimes it’s that simple short phrase that grabs my attention and awakens me from my stupor. It’s not intentional you see, it’s just that being hard of hearing most of my life I have grown accustom to missing much of the dialogue in group conversations. I try to read lips to keep up but sometimes even that doesn’t help. So, on more than one occasion, I have found myself losing ground and drifting away from the conversation only to be aroused suddenly by the stinging phrase; “He’s totally oblivious…”

I like to think that never happens with the important stuff, but that too would be a false statement. Just ask my family. I’m quite certain they can recount more times than I can. I’m sure it’s just as frustrating for them as it is for me. Honestly, “I am listening, I just can’t hear you” is a phrase I’ve uttered innumerable times during my adult life.

It’s not from a lack of desire, just a lack of ability. So, I rededicate myself to doing better and march forward as best I can, hoping that someday it really will be better. Such is life for someone with my type of hearing loss.

In our focal passage this week, Jesus deals with a similar lack of comprehension, but for a totally different reason. The Pharisees have heard clearly everything Jesus has said every time He spoke, and they watched Him perform countless miracles and other acts of wonder. But they still did not comprehend what they were seeing and hearing. Their inability to comprehend was not due to a physical condition but rather from a spiritual malady. They saw God at work all around them, but their preconceived notions impaired their ability to see the Truth right in front of them. And their inability to grasp onto the Truth left them in a perilously dangerous eternal predicament.

I hope you can join us this week as we embark upon a journey through Luke 17:11-37.  We will encounter a faithful Samaritan, a few blind Pharisees and a totally oblivious world along the way. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.  But, if you are unable to join us in person, please feel free to download the Bible study materials for your personal use by following one of these links: PowerPoint Slides, PDF File

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