The First Lord’s Supper (Luke 22:14-23)

“We stand on the precipice of monumental change…” Somewhere, sometime, I am sure you have heard those word uttered by some prominent figure.  Be it a governmental official, a corporate titan, or someone else of significance, you have probably heard that phrase spoken in some public setting.  Usually in a grandiose way designed to draw attention and garner support for a person, an organization, a cause, or an idea.  But how many times have those promising monumental change do not actually deliver it to the level promised.  Not often anyway, if ever.

As we come to our focal passage this week, things are indeed about to change in monumental fashion.  The change ahead will be the biggest, grandest, most significant, and everlasting change possible and its impact was sure to far surpass the imagination of the masses of that day.  Change like that would be broadcast far and wide today, across every conceivable medium with the instigator of such change doing everything possible to draw as much attention as possible for the big announcement.

But when it came time to announce this change, change that would impact eternity, Jesus chose to do it in the most intimate setting, around the dinner table with His beloved disciples.  Luke tells us that Jesus had been eagerly looking forward to this meal with his closest followers.  But this was not an everyday supper with friends.  This was the Passover Seder, and it would be Jesus’ last Passover for a long time.  He had big news to share with His friends and he could hardly wait to do it.  Luke says Jesus fervently desired to share this meal with them.  Why this meal, why this Passover?  What’s so important about this one?  What does he have to say that is so significant?

Well you know the answer to those questions by now.  You will have to join us for our discussion tomorrow to find out.  I promise you one thing; it is impossible to overstate the monumental change that Jesus inaugurated with His disciples over this very special dinner.

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