The Essence of Discipleship: Faithful Dependence Upon a Gracious God (Luke 18:15-30)

Webster’s defines overdependence as an excessive reliance on something and there is little doubt that all of us have become overly dependent upon something in our life.  Pause just a second before you protest and consider that you are reading this email or blog post on some type of technology that did not exist a few years ago. 

The first IBM personal computer was introduced in 1981, leading to widespread adoption of personalized technology and ushering in the brave new world we live in today.  The first handheld calculator hit the market in 1967 and by 1974 every engineer in America had TI’s SR-52 strapped to his/her hip.  Motorola introduced the world’s first cordless mobile phone in 1984; how many of you remember that brick?  And how about food processing?  Amana released the first countertop microwave oven in 1967 and the kitchen hasn’t been the same since.

How many of you would want to live life today without computers, calculators, cell phones and microwaves? 

But aside from technology, there are many things that we as Americans have become dependent upon.  Like cars and airplanes, friends and neighbors, and for many, even the government.  For those fortunate enough to be an oft discussed one-percenter, it’s easy to become dependent upon wealth and possessions too.

It’s that last topic that we come to in our study of Luke 18:15-30 this week.  Jesus encounters a young, confident rich man who asks Him an important question about eternal life.  The answer He receives from Jesus can be easily misunderstood and often is.  As we know, Jesus has previously counseled the rich on numerous occasions in the gospel of Luke.  What will He have to say this time?  Will it be different than what He has said before?  Will it have application for you and for me?  I hope you will join us this week to find out.

For those unable to join us in person, please feel free to download the Bible study materials for your personal use by following one of these links: PowerPoint Slides, PDF File. Also, you can download files for previous weekly studies by visiting the following page on my blog: Doubtless Living: The Gospel of Luke.