Understand How God Speaks

Understanding How God Speaks - Doubtless Living

Without God choosing to reveal Himself to us, we would be like Helen Keller – deaf and blind to the reality of the world we live in. Without God’s revelation, we would be unaware of His expectations for us and of His provision for salvation. In this series, we will examine the ways God reveals Himself.

In this session, Understanding How God Speaks, we explore genres of Scripture that help us interpret God’s Word responsibly: historical narractive, wisdom literature, prophecy, and letters.  By focusing on these four styles of writing, we can acquire the principles and guidelines needed to understand not only a particular passage of Scripture but also how that passage fits into the overarching narrative of God’s plan of redemption.

You can learn more about this series “The God Who Speaks” by clicking here.  The teaching materials on this site for this series have been developed by referencing content published by LifeWay Christian Resources in the , “The God Who Speaks,” The Gospel Project Leader Guide, Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 2012.