Supernatural Faithfulness

Man Attempts Alaskan Channel Crossing in Duct-Taped Watercraft
In many instances, duct tape is highly reliable—but as a means of water transportation, it may not be a prime choice. Just ask the Alaskan man who recently attempted to cross a channel near Juneau on a “homemade watercraft”—more specifically, “an inflatable, duct-taped craft”—complete with a paddle, his dog, and a conspicuous lack of a life jacket. A local news outlet stated that while the “weather on scene was reportedly calm with 9 mph winds,” a local Coast Guard crew still ended up coming to the man’s aid: when the makeshift boat started to fill with water.  Having “deemed the craft unsafe,” they “transferred it, the man—and his dog—to nearby Douglas Harbor.” (Perhaps to guard against embarrassment, the news release “did not identify the man.”)
(Emily Lund,; source: Tripp J. Crouse, “Coast Guard Rescues Man and Dog in Gastineau Channel in Duct-Taped Inflatable,” KTOO (6-08-17)

Who or what do we trust?  As long as things are rocking along, life is good, secure, and our back up plan is firmly in place, do we really even have to address this question? 

Remember the ‘Trust Fall’ exercise used in workplaces and youth group activities?  This activity involved placing your trust in the people catching you as you fell backwards into their arms with a blindfold on.  Each time you would fall further back when the ‘catchers’ would lower their hands as the game progressed.

The man in the story above not only ‘fell’ into his duct-taped boat but he also trusted it to safeguard his dog (that’s crossing the line!) and eliminated a life jacket to boot.  His trust was clearly misplaced.  He chose wrongly.  Is there anything in our lives that we rely on to give us health, happiness, and meaning when we should instead be relying on the ship that will never sink, the fortress and refuge in which we trust (Ps. 91:2)?

What do we choose to put our trust in?  Where do we find rest?  On what do we base our very identity in our days on this earth?

In Luke 23:46 Jesus exhibited a picture of supernatural faith.  Then Jesus, calling out with a loud voice, said, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!” And having said this he breathed his last.”

Other examples are found in the people who brought the paralytic to Jesus (Matthew 9:2), the woman who touched Jesus’ garment (Matthew 9:22), and the healing of the centurion’s servant in Luke 7.  These people ‘free-fell’ out of their trust and belief in Jesus.  The same word translated ‘faith, faithfulness’ is used in these passages.

Who do we believe?  Where do we go when life gets hard?

Faithfulness in Galatians 5:22 is a noun.  It is the quality of being faithful.  Firm persuasion, conviction, belief in the truth.  It is realistic hope based on fact.

This faithfulness in Galatians is a gift to us from God.  It is Fruit of the Spirit.  There are several facets of the Fruit.  Faithfulness is only one element.  How do we get it?  How do we live it?  How do we keep it?

Join us Sunday to look at this remarkable gift from God that, if embraced, allows us to feel confident in any season, circumstance, or trial we face.  We can believe and trust in God’s incredible promises and live freely in His protective custody.

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