Questions About Resurrection (Luke 20:27-40)

Numerous websites have emerged over the past few years that are focused solely upon dispelling untruth. Their goals are to separate and distinguish fact form fiction and even outright lies to help people avoid falling prey to deceitful commentary, be that intentional or unintentional. The need is an apolitical one because factual errors occur on all sides of every argument, as all parties are human and prone to error.

Sometimes the speakers don’t realize that they are speaking untruthfully, they are simply uninformed or ill prepared to speak correctly on the topic at hand. At other times, the speaker knows full well that what they are saying is untruthful and they simply do not care. Their intentions are outright nefarious. During his ministry, Jesus encountered both types of error, intentionally and unintentional.

In our study passage this week, Jesus engages in debate with Sadducees who are vehemently arguing a position that they truly believe is right. At least we will give them the benefit of the doubt on that point. They even offer scriptural support for their position, believing that the facts are on their side. Being strict literalist, they point to the Torah and cite it as the authoritative underpinning for their position.

In so doing, they challenge Jesus to explain His position on a very important issue, the resurrection from the dead. They hold the view that resurrection is a ridiculous idea and they put forth an argument to illustrate and emphasize their point. Believing they have Jesus logically trapped, they hope to undermine His popularity, demean His authority and ultimately seize Him and kill Him. And, all of this happens in the open court of the Gentiles on the grounds of the Temple in Jerusalem. For all to see.

With expert skill, Jesus disarms their argument and once again humiliates them before the masses by highlighting the flaws in their logic. He fact checked them in real time, on the fly, without hesitation. Because He knows the truth, because He is the Truth.

It would be the last time that the religious leaders dare to challenge Jesus. He had bested them once again and they were done with their attempts to take him down with frontal and flank attacks. It wasn’t working. They would have to try a different approach because for now, it had become clear to everyone that they could not outmaneuver Jesus with human logic.

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