Love: The Fruit of Forgiveness

Whether you say welkom, bienvenue, velkommen, aloha, shalom or simply welcome it’s all the same expression signifying a warm reception or greeting.  In many cultures that warm greeting comes with a kiss, in some a big hearty hug, and in others a polite and respectful bow.  In ancient times, it was not uncommon for the host to offer water to guests to wash their dusty feet after a long day’s journey in open toed sandals.  Whatever your cultural traditions, you know when you have been warmly received and when you haven’t.  The difference is unmistakable regardless of locale.

As we open our study today, we find Jesus as an invited dinner guest at the home of a prominent Pharisee named Simon.  The meal has been served and the host and his guests are intrigued by this young rabbi that is all the rage in Galilee.  Eager to learn more about Him, they are suddenly interrupted by a very unusual, unexpected and uninvited guest who burst onto the scene in a remarkable way.  The silent guest made a stark impression, not with her words but with her actions.  The story unfolds to teach us timeless truth about faith, forgiveness and love.

As is often said, faith expresses itself in love, gratitude and devotion and the silent woman in Luke 7:36-50 portrays a vivid image of such devotion.  In her case, faith led to forgiveness, which in turn led to action as she lovingly expressed her gratitude toward Christ, exemplifying the honorable actions of a forgiven sinner.  “The actions of a silent, sinful woman speak a thousand words,” says Darrel Bock, author of the Baker Evangelical Commentary on the New Testament. 

I hope you will join us for the journey this week as we follow in the footsteps of that remarkable woman and learn from her example how to express our love for Jesus in a way that will greatly impact and influence those around us.

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