Have Mercy on Me! (Luke 18:35-43)

When was the last time you had your eyes checked? For me, it was only a couple of months ago when I popped into to see Dr. Brown. Yep, our very own Brother Dave. He tweaked my prescription for multi-focal contacts and now I have 20/20 vision again. Well, most of the time that is.

If you are a contact wearer like me then you know that sometimes things are not all that clear, even with a perfect prescription. We stare at screens so long we forget to blink, and our contacts dry out and impede our vision (especially now that we’re all sitting at home watching some type of device all day long). Or, we wear them too long and they get sticky and cloudy, making things blurry. But then there are the majority of times when everything works as it should, but we still can’t see everything, because all of us have blind spots.

No, I’m not talking about blind spots in front of you where your eyes are focused. I’m talking about the things around you that you walk right by and don’t notice because you are so focused. Now of course that never happens to me, as Tina can attest. 😉

For some of us, our peripheral vision is fantastic, physically. But too often our spiritual vision lacks acuity. How many times have we walked past a ministry or witnessing opportunity only to realize later that we missed a divine appointment. But you know what, that never ever happened to Jesus. Not even once was He ever to preoccupied to respond to people in need.

Take for example our focal passage today. Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem is nearly complete. He is now only 18 miles and a few days away from Jerusalem and his tragic fate. He knows what’s ahead of Him and He’s been trying to prepare His disciples for it, but they still don’t get it. He would have every right to be ruminating on the situation, fraught up with concern for Himself and His clueless disciples. He could have easily developed blind spots in that situation, but He didn’t. He was even more tuned in to spiritual needs than ever. And that was a very good thing for a blind man who had been sitting outside the gates of Jericho forever waiting for the promised healer to come his way. Oh, how sad it would have been if Jesus had turned a blind eye to this man in need.

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