Kingdom Manifesto: Blessings & Warnings (Luke 6:17-23)

Kingdom Manifesto: Blessings & Warnings (Luke 6:17-23)

If someone told you that they were supremely blessed and living in a state of exalted happiness you would probably think they were ultra-rich with great wealth and an abundance of financial resources.  Alas, that is the conventional wisdom of our day.  Yet that is rarely the case.  Some of the happiest and most contented people I know have the least means.  They have such joy chiefly because they do not measure wealth or worth the same way others do.

Jesus was a bit of a revolutionary in His day, because he espoused a contrarian view for measuring happiness.  A view that may have raised a lot of eyebrows initially.  Flanked by his newly chosen Apostles, Jesus stood on a plateau and spoke to a very large crowd of followers who were eager to see and hear more from Him.  In His kingdom manifesto, Jesus reminded His followers that true happiness is not measured by material wealth or by popularity but by our status before God and our ultimate future state.  God’s blessing in on those who come to Him to receive what He generously offers, and that blessing has no socio-economic limitations.

Join us at the foot of the mountain on a plain with Jesus and His disciples as we dive deep into Luke 6:17-23 and learn more about Jesus’ counter-cultural views on happiness.  This passage, often called “The Beatitudes,” declares God’s promised acceptance of His disciples for choosing to follow Jesus.  In it, Jesus challenges us to entrust our care to God and rest in His promises instead of relying on our own means and pursing our own self-interest.  Jesus reminds us that as citizens of the kingdom we are indeed extremely blessed, and He warns us of the perils that befall those who live for themselves.

Indeed, Jesus’ manifesto for the kingdom is a reversal of the world’s value system.  Please join us as we explore part one of The Sermon on the Plain: Blessings and Woes.

If you are unable to join us in person for this study, you are welcome to download the study materials for your personal Bible study use any time at your convenience by following this link: PowerPoint Slides, PDF File.

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