Journey Ends, Passion Begins (Luke 19:28-44)

What phrase is most uttered by children around the world during long trips? If it is not “Are we there yet” then I cannot imagine what it would be. Myself, I’m sure that I’ve said that very phrase a million times. So many times, in fact, that I’m sure my parents grew tone deaf to it and zoned out. In fact, I know that to be the case on one particular occasion.

My brother Dennis and I were young, just tall enough to stand in the back floorboard and rest our chin on top of the large bench seat in the front of my dad’s prized ’61 Chevy Belair coupe. He was so proud of that white car with red accents, and yes that was long before seat belts and car seats.

It had been a long trip from our home over to Marble Falls in Northeast Arkansas, or so it seemed to us. We were on our way to the newly opened Dogpatch USA theme park in the Ozark mountains. And somewhere along the way, mom and dad stopped listening to the incessant whining from the back seat and lost presence of mind. We on the other hand were hopped up on Mountain Dew and bouncing around like spider monkeys.

I am certain it was my brother who started it and roped me into it. But one thing led to another and soon, like caged rats, we had gnawed our way across the entire width of that front bench seat. First one bite and then another, and then there was none left. Gone was the entire strip of piping that trimmed the bench seat in that prized coupe. Well, you can only imagine the ride we got after arriving at the motel. And, for the avoidance of doubt, we didn’t even need a ticket for it!

I doubt much gnawing took place on the journey to Jerusalem, but my guess is the disciples were just as restless by the time they saw the city gates on the horizon. It had been a long, three-year trip to get there and they were probably just as excited about reaching their destination as we were. And, as with our case, things turned out much different after they arrived than what they were expecting. They celebrated the arrival and heralded the King who had brought them there, only to see Him weep bitterly upon arrival and then hear the hosts strongly reprimanded Him once they got there.

They might have been expecting a grand and glorious reception with the pomp and circumstance befitting the coronation of a King, but that’s because they had not been listening to what Jesus had been telling them. He had told them what to expect, but they didn’t get it. But He knew well what lie ahead for Him and He was fully prepared for it. He had even made provision for transportation. Transportation that would shock some and excite others.

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