Jesus’ Closing Argument (Luke 20:41-21:4)

If you have ever served on a jury then you have most likely heard attorneys make closing arguments, live and in-person. They are fact-based, assertive, authoritative, and compelling statements used by both sides to restate key, salient points they want the jury to remember as they deliberate on the verdict. Both sides are afforded the opportunity to make them and the prosecution usually goes first, and the defense team usually goes second.

Before that happens, there have been multiple rounds of witnesses subjected to intense scrutiny with each side having the chance to examine and cross examine the witness. Not to different than what has been unfolding in the Court of Gentiles during our study the past few weeks in the Gospel of Luke.

The Sadducees, Pharisees, Scribes, and other religious leaders have cross-examined Jesus on multiple fronts, trying every conceivable way to discredit Him in from of the massive audience. They have asked him questions that were overtly confrontational, and they have asked questions through secondary channels as well. They have even asked trick questions in attempts to entrap him. None of it worked. So, one could say they have now rested their case, on very weak grounds mind-you, without even daring to make a closing argument for fear of being humiliated yet again by their superior adversary.

But not Jesus, with the religious leaders shaking in their sandals, Jesus takes the offensive, turning the tables on the religious leaders with a question of His own. One that further exposes their hypocrisy and lays bear their ignorance for all to see. Then He publicly assumes the role of Judge and pronounces judgment on them in front of everyone. Calling them out for their blindness, greed and selfishness. All the while commending a poor, elderly widow that they have been taking advantage of shamelessly for far too long. It’s a fitting end to a long day or jousting in Court, that is the Court of Gentiles where all of this unfolds on Monday of Holy Week. After observing the conclusion of the trial, you will understand more about the motives and the madness of the religious elite. I can’t wait to explore it with you in our study this week.

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