How do we measure importance or greatness in our world?

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Serving or Being Served?

At the last supper Jesus asked his disciples a very important question; “For who is greater, the one at the table or the one serving?” So, how would you answer that very important question?  How do we measure importance or greatness in our world?

We live in a culture that defines greatness in terms of possessions and positions. It is assumed that a person being served has arrived at some level of importance or greatness.  But Jesus defined greatness differently—not in terms of being served but in terms of serving others.

True greatness according to Jesus requires humility and a servant’s spirit.  To achieve true greatness in the eyes of our Lord we must remember His example, avoid worldly perspectives, and adopt a Kingdom perspective.

True greatness requires humility and a servant’s spirit and a follower of Jesus needs to live by His values; he or she should exemplify a servant’s heart.

To explore this topic further follow this link to Being Served or Serving, which is part three of a five part study on Questions Jesus Asked.

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