Dedication With Resolve (Luke 14:25-35)

Okay all you pilots, navigators, orienteers and amateur adventurers out there. What do the following GPS coordinates have in common: 1) 28.419411° N, -81.581200° W, and 2) 47.5576° N, 10.7498° E? Even though they are 4,909 miles apart they have much in common, but they also have distinct differences at the same time. If you have been to both locations, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The resemblances are striking and so are the differences.

The eastern most of the two locations is the eldest and grandest, you might say. While it has the most interesting historical background and has entertained millions of guests over the years, its numbers likely pale by comparison to its western counterpart that has seen even more fantasies fulfilled. Both locations are home to royalty; one real, the other imagined. One location has reaped huge rewards for its owner, the other contributed to its owner’s downfall, and perhaps to his madness.

Why might that be, you ask? Because the muse who inspired the capitalist failed to properly estimate the cost before embarking upon such an ambitious endeavor. It cost him his position of prominence and saw him eventually cast out from the castle. The creative genius who learned from those mistakes and made the necessary modifications has repeated incalculable benefits.

What do King Ludwig II and Walt Disney have in common, Cinderella’s castle of course. But, how were they different? Walt Disney World has become one of the most successful business ventures of all time, with Cinderella’s castle as the epicenter. Neuschwanstein may have inspired Walt Disney but it did little else for its original owner, King Ludwig II. The king grossly underestimated the cost of building the beautiful castle in the Alpine foothills of Southwestern Bavaria and eventually it resulted in his losing everything and being ostracized.

What does all of this have to do with the Gospel of Luke? Well you might just be surprised to learn the answer. In our focal passage this week, Jesus spoke with His disciples about counting the cost before they commit to an ambitious endeavor. Something King Ludwig did not do, obviously.

Jesus cautioned His disciples about the consequence of making hasty, impulsive decisions without fully comprehending the implications of their actions in our focal passage this week. Did they listen to His advice any better than the Mad King listened to his counselors?  Join us for the study this week to find out.

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