Controversy Over Sabbath Healing (Luke 6:6-16)

Sabbath Healing Leads to Murderous Rage (Luke 6:6-16)

Have you ever heard someone say; “I guess you had to be there,” after retelling a story that didn’t fully resonate with the audience?  I have heard that phrase utter countless times, and my guess is that you have as well.  Sometimes it’s quite simply impossible to recapture the passion and the essence of the moment that is so clearly crystallized in your mind.  Yet we do our very best to put others in the moment right there with us so that they too can full appreciate and understand the significance of the event.  We want desperately for others to see through our eyes the majesty of the moment.  We want them to feel the energy and sense the urgency with which the event unfolded.

As we come to our focal passage today, Luke has that very task at hand.  It is his job to retell the story of a significant moment in the life of Christ that marks a pivotal turning point in Jesus’ ministry on earth.  The rise of opposition reaches the pinnacle today with another encounter with religious leaders that leads to a deadly plot to eliminate Him as a threat.  Jesus turns to the Father in extended prayer as the conspiracy begins and the pressure mounts.  After praying all night, Jesus responds by calling and commissioning a team of men who will carry forth His work on earth in His absence and in the face of great opposition and challenges.  They don’t know it yet, but He does.  The battle has begun.

Join us as we unpack the fifth controversy from Luke as we explore the captivating story told in chapter 6 verses 6-16.  It begins in the Synagogue on the Sabbath and ends on the mountain with the calling of the Twelve.  In between lies a compelling story of healing that sent the Pharisees over the edge and launched them on a mission that culminated for them at Calvary.  This is the moment when the Pharisees rage erupted into a murderous plot of revenge and Luke does a masterful job putting us right there in the middle of it.  Don’t miss it!

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