Confident Discipleship

by Lisa Coleman

Do you like to go to antique stores? What might fuel one’s fascination with ‘old stuff’? I think comfort plays a large part. Somehow our pasts, our histories if you will, are wrapped up in the breadcrumbs of our younger selves. I just displayed a butter churn of my grandmothers on my kitchen island. My Mother remembers churning butter in it as a child. It reminds her of who she was and brings her comfort and confidence in who she is in her twilight years when so much has changed. That knowledge somehow bolsters my confidence in who I am. It reinforces what I stand for in a subtle, simple yet compelling way. It seems to be an anchor or mountain for me to rest in when some of my days feel a little sideways. In the south especially, we hold dear a few of these reminders of our heritage.

I recently read an article about Australia’s GPS being off. Our technology we are now more dependent on than ever, relies on accurate GPS coordinates. For instance, driverless tractors that help with farm work in Australia will begin to exhibit problems because the information about the farm will not line up with the co-ordinates coming out of the navigation system. Can’t you just imagine the tractor leaving the land and plowing the roads as a result? For Australians using driverless cars or shipping drones, accurate map information is fundamental.

So why is their GPS off? Turns out their whole country moved. Since 1994 alone, the country has moved a little more than five feet.  It is moving still! It drifts around 70 millimeters to the northeast every year. The continent drifts at a rate far too slow for humans to notice but the drifts are now starting to mess with systems that rely on pinpoint accuracy, specifically GPS.

The mountains we hold tight, even the earth beneath our feet will not hold us. Time passes us by, we experience a multitude of losses over our lifetime and as a result we find ourselves clinging to our memorabilia and landmarks to retain our sense of self.  Yet it is all fleeting. It shifts from year to year, both literally and figuratively! Our confidence must come from somewhere, or rather Someone else. The disciples had this confidence, and it was surely tested at the Jerusalem Council. They knew who they were before Christ, all that Christ did for them and how to apply this knowledge in a changing landscape. They were confident in what they had seen God do in their midst and it gave them confidence when challenges came.

I hope you will join us this week as we dig into Acts 15 to see what gave the disciples such confidence.

* * * * *

If you are unable to join us, you can will be able to view the video of this session on our YouTube channel within a couple of days. Also, you can follow the link below to download other studies in the INpowered Discipleship series if you happened to have missed one of our prior studies.

Yours in Christ,

Eric Glover   
The Gospels Class     
Brentwood Baptist Church

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