What’s In a Name – Session Two: Yahweh Our Father

What's In A Name - Session Two - Yahweh Our Father


Last week, in session one, we focused on God’s personal name, Yahweh, which communicates His sovereignty and power as a faithful covenant keeper.  Today, in session two, we will focus on Yahweh as Father and we shall see that His love for us is undeserved, unequaled, and unceasing.

No matter what kind of father we have/had, no matter the mistakes we’ve already made, or the wonderful things we think we’ve done as parents, there is no expression of love greater than God the Father’s. He is the ultimate Father, perfect in every way, with a love that is undeserved, never ends, and is by those definitions unequaled. How can we not pursue the One who freely gives this love?

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PowerPoint Slides: What’s In A Name – Session Two – Yahweh Our Father
YouVersion Live Event: http://bible.us/e/mPs

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