What’s In a Name – Session Four: Jesus Our Immanuel

What's In A Name - Session Four - Jesus Our Immanuel

One of the most poignant and significant names for Jesus is “Immanuel.”  Isaiah first used the word in prophecy; hundreds of years later, Matthew used it to describe the prophecy fulfilled.  The name means “God With Us.” And if salvation through Jesus is available to “whosoever”, and if we are to go into all the world with the Gospel, then the only way anywhere on earth could be described as “godforsaken” is if the church hasn’t gone there yet with the Gospel.

Over the course of this series, we have studied different names of God.  We began by looking at names of Yahweh, God the Father. The last session was a great transition week as we started looking more at the person and work of His son, Jesus. In this we will focus on what His name means.

Series Overview: What’s In a Name
PowerPoint Slides: Session 4: Jesus Our Immanuel
YouVersion Live Event: http://bible.us/e/naf


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