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What's In A Name - Doubtless Living

It’s fashionable these days to think of God as an impersonal life force, or to talk about how He is known by many names, and it doesn’t really matter what you call Him as long as you are sincere.  But could you have a relationship with an impersonal force?  Could you eve fell like you knew someone who gave you a different name every time you saw him or her?  Of course not.

Now, let’s be clear: the Bible does, in fact, reveal several different names for Yahweh.  However, all of them elaborate on the nature and character of Yahweh.  Or they describe titles for Yahweh.  This is very different from believing that when someone speaks of Yahweh, it is the same as talking about Allah, or Vishnu, or Brahman, or any so-called god of any other religion.

In this five-week series we will be looking at the names of God starting with His most Holy name, the name which many other names are derived from: Yahweh.  This five-week study includes the following sessions:

1.  Yahweh Our God
2.  Yahweh Our Father
3.  Yahweh Our Righteousness
4.  Jesus Our Immanuel
5.  Jesus Our Shepherd

The teaching materials for this series have been developed from “Life Truths Leader Guide,” Volume 7, Number 2, Winter 2012-2013 published by LifeWay Christian Resources.

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