Authority Over All (Luke 8:22-56)

Having not grown up a comic book fan, I hold no allegiance to Marvel or DC comics and the fictional characters that they created.  But I know many people who have fierce loyalties to one camp or the other and they are ready, willing and able to debate the various strengths and weaknesses of the two cadres of Superheroes at any time. And all of them have their favorite and it may or may not be the most powerful of the bunch.

So that brings me to a question; who really is the most powerful Superhero of all time and how does one measure true power and strength.  Someone might argue that the Incredible Hulk is the most powerful due to his sheer size and brute force strength.  Another may well say that it’s Iron Man because of his superior technology and seemingly indestructible armor.  While still others could argue that Thor is the greatest because he is the son of Odin, king of the Norse gods.  And the debate goes on and on…

As for me, I say that it’s none of the above.  The greatest Superhero of all time in my book is distinguished not by legends and mythical powers but by total, complete, absolute, demonstrable power and authority over the heavens and the earth and everything in between.  All things are subject to His authority; He commands the winds and the waves, the sun, moon and stars, and he has power and authority over sickness, diseases, and death.  Demons cower at His feet.  Yet with all His power, he voluntarily laid down His life to save you and me from certain death and eternal condemnation.

Of whom do I speak; Jesus, of course.  Even the winds and waves obey Him, according to eyewitnesses who saw His power demonstrated on the Sea of Galilee.  Others trembled in fear as He demonstrated power over thousands of demons who had long possessed and controlled a man.  Laugher turned to astonishment and reverence at the sight of Him healing the sick and raising the dead.  And all these acts were carefully researched and documented by Luke from countless conversations with eyewitnesses. 

So, I hope you will forgive me if I don’t join in the debate about the greatness of fictional characters with mythical powers.  I choose to believe in One who has demonstrated His power and love for me in a verifiable and significant way.  Long before I ever knew His name, years before I understood His will and His ways, He gave up His life for me and for you.

Join us as we unpack Luke 8:22-56 to learn more about the absolute power and authority of the One true Super Hero who loves you and wants to make you a member of His family.

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