Does God’s unlimited capacity to forgive give us license to sin?

Honoring God's Holiness - Doubtless Living

Because the blood of Jesus can “cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9), believers often take a casual view of sin, thinking all we need to do is pray a prayer and ask forgiveness. While God’s capacity to forgive is unlimited, we must remember that all sin offends Holy God.

Knowing that we have been forgiven by God through Christ doesn’t excuse our sin. It covers it. There is a powerful difference. One views sin as okay because God has already taken care of it. This is an incorrect view of sin. The other views sin for the vile reality that it is but is increasingly grateful because God already took care of it.

A true understanding of Christ’s sacrifice promotes gratitude and love. That creates in us a readiness to recognize and confess our sin. That leads to repentance, which by God’s grace, leads to less sin. It’s how we honor God’s holiness.

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